Kelli Frances Corrado – Shepherdess

Shepherdess album cover

“Deliciously seductive, Kelli’s songs get into your head and under your skin, like an obsessive teenage crush.”
–Jane Bradley, the girls are magazine



Seattle multi-instrumentalist Kelli Frances Corrado finds her stride in melding her approaches to acoustic and electronic sounds on her sophomore album Shepherdess. By embracing her inner guide and taking risks despite how daunting they may be, the end result is eight tracks featuring a lush blend of ethereal vocals floating over trip-hop-influenced beats and electronically-driven layers of strings, synthesizers, and autoharp.

The beautifully hand-packaged album is set to a limited CD run of 300, released by Flat Field Records. The screen printed image of a shepherdess is designed by Olympia, WA artist China Star, who was solicited by Kelli to produce her own interpretation of a classic 1920s image. Each cellophane wrapped package will be graced with dried flower petals for a delicate nod to Kelli’s romantic, Edwardian-era aesthetic.

“Chimney Sweep vs The King” is accompanied by a haunting video created by Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble (Golden Gardens), which finds our siren in signature gothic garb spooking around an abandoned, remote lighthouse on an archetypal grey Pacific Northwest day. The ears of fans of trip-hop legends Massive Attack will perk up at the first drop of the reverberating beat that shudders through the track, giving foundation to the lilting lyrics. The second single, “Swan Initiative” is a neatly wrapped representation of Kelli’s sound, with its heady esoteric vibe, and serves as her artist statement of having courage in life to trust one’s true self.

The Vera Project’s Jeffrey McNulty (also of EMP Museum; Android Hero) served as a chief consultant, helping to translate Kelli’s digitally-informed ideas into acoustic recordings at the storied Seattle facility. Much of the recording was also handled by Chicago’s Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, Fruit Bats) at Engine Studios.

Catalog #: FFR007
Release date: June 17, 2014

1. Case of The Look Arounds
2. Ode to Smokey Bees and Windy Trees
3. Swan Initiative
4. Chimney Sweep vs. The King
5. Mr. and The Lady
6. Fog
7. Lonely, Samba Style
8. Near to Heaven By The Sea

CD in artist-made packaging.

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Kelli Frances Corrado plays Fantagraphics May 10!

Kelli Frances CorradoNow accompanied by live violinist Meagan Angus, Kelli’s string of spring performances begins at 7pm on Saturday, May 10th at Georgetown Records for their 10th Anniversary and Art Attack. A celebration for the album release will be held on June 14th at Kelli’s artist loft community building, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle, with a multimedia installation and projections. This night also serves as a kick-off for her California tour in mid-to-late June through the Bay Area and L.A.