Kelli Frances Corrado – Book of Echoes

Kelli Frances Corrado is a quilt of memories and mysticism. Growing up in Chicago, she would sneak out during school nights to see hip hop shows and spend weekends learning prayer rituals taught by a Romani grandmother. This set a unique musical foundation, leading her to pursue opera training, string arranger, beat making and classical poetry. Giving voice to her spiritual beliefs. These patches of history bring together a musical broth of magical realism and urban life ripe of lucid dreams and superstition. 

With current release Book of Echoes, Kelli Frances explores deeper into the legacy and stories of angels. And how ancient lesson can be learned again and again. Empowering and giving courage in the dark of betrayal, disillusionment, grief and death. Book of Echoes is her first concept release, each song is dedicated to an Arc angel and a healing lesson. 

First single- The Roses Courage, a track inspired by the Arc Angel Michael with video by visionary Allyce Andrew who did previous video, Lonely Samba Style, features professional female skaters and was filmed in the legendary, now defunct women owned Seattle strip club, The Lusty Lady. The Roses Courage was premiered on Oct. 8, 2016 at Seattle’s own Sunset Tavern as a part of the first Female:Pressure and Tom Tom Magazine showcase. 

Book of Echoes features a diverse and unique group of musicians: Adrienne Davies on percussion from the thunderous doom metal band Earth, Derek Terran on drums from desert rock band Wind Burial, Jayson Kochan on bass from pysch band Midday Veil, Caitlin Olive with her lush 17 century violin and a collaborative track with techno artist Bardo Basho. All contribute to the landscape. Book of Echoes was written and recorded at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and in Georgetown’s magical ‘Killlroom’ studio with engineer and co-producer Jeffery Mcnulty (Great Falls, Vera Project) at the helm.

Book of Echoes is 7 songs, inspired by 7 Arc angels about 7 healing lessons. 2 additional tracks are supporting stories. With every point of growth comes revelation. 

Kelli France Corrado - Book of Echoes

Side One:

Angel Haniel’s Lantern Story
Stranded by Wolves
Find your Glass Slipper
Dear Comfort Angel Gabriel

Side Two:

The Roses Courage
Jophiels ladder
Michael’s Blue Sword Story
Uriel’s Garden Cloud Sanctuary


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All songs written by Kelli Frances Corrado except for Jophiels Ladder which was written by Kelli Frances Corrado and Bardo Basho. Stranded by Wolves features Derek Terran on drums. The Roses Courage and Uriel’s Garden Cloud Sanctuary features Adrienne Davies on percussion. Rafeal and Uriel’s Garden Cloud Sanctuary features Jayson Kochan on bass. Caitlin Olive on violin for all tracks. Mastered and Engineered by Jeffery Mcnulty at the Killroom Studio. Produced by Kelli Frances Corrado and Jefferey Mcnulty. Artwork by Natalie Foss.