Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #11

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast 11

“Pop Has Freed Us”

Upbeat podcast despite the fact that most of the bands featured were creatures of the nineties. Brian Eno claims this shoegazing band named after a Roxy Music song is “the best of English pop music.” Can you guess?

Loved “Waterboy” by Imperial Teen – perhaps a significant influence for Arctic Monkeys. Go with Queens of the Stone Age to hear an award-winning song. Catch the Brit-sounding world punk band Firewater sing a farewell to Superman.

Instrumental drum ‘n’ bass from Cinematic Orchestra is a nice break from some of the more driving songs that start this podcast off. Shoegazers return with Argentinian Latino rock band Soda Stereo.

Who can’t love Susannah McCorkle’s bossa nova piece, “The Waters of March”? While Infinite Buddha was definitely finite, El Yucateco lives on.

One band that may be infinite, Gang of Four, appears with a song that will remain frozen in time, remembered for once being banned by the BBC. Bryan Ferry does Bob Dylan. A 12-year old Compton boy does Electronica with Seelenluft.

The Motown-influenced Jet song “Are You Going To Be My Girl” sounds like this band started at least 30 years too late. And for you alt-country fans, watch out for the firecracker Ryan Adams tosses out at the end. (Notes by EBLAMC member Mike H.)