Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #17

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #17 by Brad Muller on Mixcloud

Wishy Washy Wishing Musicians of Walla Walla Washington

Long before the leader of these Irish rats proposed applying a bandaid to the world’s problems, he was breaking ground with the early punk song, Mary of the 4th Form. Next: mosh with Mexicans.  One word, twice: Numa. Does anyone know why Faron Young was the subject of a song by an English pop band? ELO brings fond memories of my youth (thanks to you, Scott Kirklin). Prickly pixies perform politely while the angel Gabriel escapes the small town and makes it big time. Only 17 podcasts into EBLAMC existence and here we feature Wilco for the fourth time, naively wishing for a perfect score. And apparently Mr. Weller is wishing for a Jam reunion. Danger Mouse manages a unique take on the Beatles. I’ve never really noticed before the surf music influences in Sonic Youth – see if you notice, too, right after hearing non-surfing shadowy Canadian men strum their guitars. This podcast finishes up with a number of songs that were hits at one time or another in one country or another: they are easy on the ears and certainly worth a listen. (Mike H.)
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