Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #20

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #20 by Brad Muller on Mixcloud

Podcast Title:  Hen freakin’ hao

Podcast Description:  Podcast 20 kicks off with a burner and just does not let up.  Must say that there are bands on here that haven’t proved to have a lot of legs, but for a brief period in the early Aughts, their flame burned bright and some of their finest work is captured here.  What happened to you Jet, Franz and YYY’s?  As usual, we dig deep for some classic deep cuts from INXS, Prince and David Byrne, and this ‘cast contains the all-time highest rated EBLAMC track from the Sneaker Pimps…another lost soul.  Not sure if I’d dial up these particular zeros and ones for an intimate dinner party, but it does make a perfect companion for a road trip, BBQ or group sing-a-long in the shower. (John I.)

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