Elliott Bay Leisure and Music Club Podcast #3

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast 3

“EBLAMC – Hitting All the Hits” (explicit content warning)

Podcast #3 in the EBLAMC era shows us hitting our stride.  This podcast touches on all of the genres that EBLAMC loves; Euro-trash, lounge workouts, jangle-pop, classic deep cuts. No question that you already love a couple tracks on here. As they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire.  You have our guarantee that you will find a couple of things that will become staples in your future catalog.  If that isn’t enough to pull you in, #3 contains the most controversial track in the EBLAMC oeuvre. I dare you to listen to ‘Steak for Chicken’ (parental guidance recommended) and tell me it didn’t change your life.  Mangia! (John I.)