Elliott Bay Leisure and Music Club Podcast #4

Elliott Bay Leisure and Music Club Podcast 4

“Does a Ring of Fire Produce Smoke on the Water?”

If you’re not relaxed when you fire up this podcast, sit tight for a bit of low-key post-punk, bluesy jazz, and electronic pop to segue into a warm chill-out lounge to loosen up those muscles and put a smile on your face. This podcast, as with many EBLAMC releases past and present, doesn’t fail to include something influenced by nos ancetres les Gaulois in addition to other World themes. Don’t miss the reference to an important musician who has graced, or haunted, club CDs and events in one way or another from the earliest days to the present: Yoko Ono.  Enjoy an entry by an indie rock band from the Pacific Northwest’s oft-overlooked third city, Boise. As the summer sun rises, we wrap up the playlist with another breakfast of moldy bagels, cigarettes, and alcohol. (Mike H.)