Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #5

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast 5

“Freedom’s Waiting For You”

Podcast #5 in our series starts off with “Under The Milky Sky” which was  voted in 2008 as Australia’s best song of the last 20 years. Assuming that not much has changed in the last 4 years, 80’s college rock has legs.  The band Air is a perennial EBLAMC favorite and graces this mix with “Playground Love”. Damon Albarn shows up twice; once as Blur and then again as Gorillaz.  I am reminded how much I like New Order with the “Slow Jam” track as well as how excited I was in 2001 when this ended their 8 year hiatus.  Negativland has a repeat performance from podcast 4 which includes my favorite line – ” you can say four blunt words and a man will hit you in the face”. Or maybe it was “at your 7-11, Freedom’s waiting for you”.  Finally, you hear THE BEST Mos Def song as far as I am concerned and it all ends well with Cassandra Wilson’s mystical “Resurrection Blues”. (Brad M.)