Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #8

Elliott Bay Leisure and Music Club Podcast 8

 I Don’t Like You and I Won’t Pretend To”

The opening words on this podcast really are ones to live by. The number 8 is the number of money in many Asian cultures and podcast 8 is total money. Highlights? Lots of ’em…classic deeeeep cut Elton John, Madonna’s brother-in-law Joe Henry is smooth as always, and the Polyphonic Spree sound like…well…a polyphonic spree. Stick around for the last four songs as they will, in turn, fire you up, make you happy, put you into a groovy mood, and take you on a journey of the mind. And you get the EBLAMC gold star if you can identify where track 13 comes from (without cheating and looking it up on your iPad). A hint…perhaps the best freeway-cruising-in-a-van-made-of-weed song EVER! (John I.)