Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #24

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #24 by Brad Muller on Mixcloud

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Podcast Title:  The EBLAMC Beat Goes On
Podcast Description:  Early on in EBLAMC podcast # 24, Dumptruck are “Going Nowhere” and then Hot Hot Heat are in the middle of it?  Makes you think.  It also features two romps sung by French chanteuses Brigitte Bardot and Nouvelle Vague.  Obviously, the word chanteuse translated into English means steamy sex kitten.  Speaking of which, does anyone know what Jem is doing these days and if so, give her my number?  That is a girl that likes to please (seriously, Google the lyrics to that one).  And what would an EBLAMC podcast be without the dusting off of a classic B-side.  In this installment, one is reminded of a time and place when Stevie Wonder ruled the world.  As Sonny and Cher via Giant Sand would opine…The Beat Goes On. (John I.)
Track Listing:
1. Interpol – Slow Hands
2. Giant Sand – The Beat Goes On
3. Jem – Come On Closer
4. Dumptruck – Going Nowhere
5. Hot Hot Heat – Middle Of Nowhere
6. I-F – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
7. Brigitte Bardot – Contact
8. The Knife – Pass This On
9. Ringside – Tired Of Being Sorry
10. Fountains of Wayne – The Girl I Can’t Forget
11. Nouvelle Vague – Making Plans For Nigel
12. New Order – Jetstream
13. New Grass Revivial – Pennies In My Pocket
14. Bright Eyes – Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
15. Stevie Wonder – As
16. Martina Topley-Bird – Anything
17. Beck – Hell Yes
18. The W.I.N.K.S. – Fuck Me Around
19. The Kills – Fuck The People