Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast #6

Elliott Bay Leisure And Music Club Podcast 6

“Don’t Give Me That”

This podcast could easily be dedicated to the instigators and perpetrators of the world.  This includes the likes of those who create great pop melodies while finding themselves running with the wrong crowd. Read up on Wilson Simonal who begat “Nao Vem Que Nao Tem (Don’t Give Me That)”.  Musical instigators abound with Adult, Gary Numan, Radiohead, The Beastie Boys, and Mc Solaar with some great hallmark tracks as well as deep cuts.  Luna is searching for a crime in “1995”, Freedy Johnston claims “He Wasn’t Murdered” while Cat Power knows that “he will kill for you.”  You, dear listener, shall not die of boredom here. (Brad M.)