Nightspace – Untrue

Nightspace live on Vera Project stage

Nightspace is Bailey Skye, who’s darkwave electronic melange is a dense mix of distorted synths and industrial beats, with guttural howls and vocal harmonies woven throughout. They call it “Space Punk.” At once rough and pretty, the sound is disorienting, hypnotic, and danceable. These contradictions and counter-points come through in the music and the stage show– both playful and gritty, androgynous and tough.
The sound is fresh, but reminiscent of 80’s synth and industrial acts, with inspiration drawn from bands like Crystal Castles and The Knife.

“Skye sounds like a multitude. He uses a keyboard and a drum machine to make moody beats… and he’s able to sing in both very high and low registers and self-harmonize with his samples, which had me looking for a second band member. Nightspace’s sound is somehow both languid and frenzied—his performance a carefully choreographed series of movements and expressions that involve his entire body.” –The Seattle Weekly

“The sounds of each song, layered with Ian Curtislike vocals, promise an interesting and eclectic mix of styles. The synthesized sounds distance him from the status-quo of pop and the expectations of electronic music, allowing him to experiment and delve further into the endless possibilities that they offer.
The vocals represent an abstract realism, fracturing the beauty of reality, unapologetically pushing the listener into a realm of deep and dark sounds. The EP represents an unorthodox reality; a distorted vision of what can be achieved within the electronic music genre, the rule book torn up and thrown away, replaced by Nightspace’s distorted vision.” –GIGsoup


Nightspace - Untrue CD EP Nightspace - Untrue EP back cover

Catalog #: FFR008
Release date: October 16, 2015

Track list:

1. Sacrifice
2. Mean Kids
3. False Priest
4. Untrue

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