Bailey Skye of Nightspace

“I’d never seen a performer with such spectacular transformative power over the indifference of a small, listless crowd. Skye didn’t even seem to notice how few people were there. His howls, croons, contortions, stares, and voguing over murky industrial beats were completely engrossing.

Skye sounds like a multitude. He uses a keyboard and a drum machine to make moody beats he dubs “dreamcore,” and he’s able to sing in both very high and low registers and self-harmonize with his samples, which had me looking for a second band member. Nightspace’s sound is somehow both languid and frenzied—his performance a carefully choreographed series of movements and expressions that involve his entire body.”
—Cate McGehee, Seattle Weekly 

Nightspace is an intoxicating blend of music and immersive performance wrapped up in glam punk geisha drag. Onstage, Bailey Skye transcends the moment and the surroundings to channel a visceral and challenging  blend of darkwave-spacewave-dreamcore electronica. Look for 

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Nightspace at EMP Soundoff