Shaun Cassidy – Once A Rebel, Never A Rebel

I am not sure who is going to help me corroborate this story.  I am a minor expert in the era of Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Kristy McNichol, and the Bay City Rollers.  The written word of the mid-’70s teen magazines has not surfaced on the internet to any great extent, so I am wondering if this story is lost.

Shaun Cassidy, as a not-yet-discovered teenager, may have grown up among the entertainment elite, but he has a dark history of gang activity in those days.  The reported gang antic involved attending sporting events (a Dodger’s game?) and throwing hammers from the upper decks into the crowd below. I guess I don’t really need to elaborate any more than that (and I can’t).  I think the moral was that pop music saved him (and lack of the Internet to re-tweet the story).  Stuff like this disappeared in those days.

Not every crime has escaped history however.  His 1980 version of Rebel Rebel remains as evidence.

Listen to Shaun Cassidy – Rebel, Rebel