The Toy Dolls: They’re Mad, I Tell You! Mad!

Big thanks to Erik Phillips for this link to the wonderful Toy Dolls video anthology, We’re Mad – Idle Gossip. Veterans of the second wave of British punk, The Toy Dolls were essentially a flag of convenience for singer-songwriter-guitarist Olga, a scrawny bloke with a cartoonish voice and lickety-split guitar chops. The terrace-rattling group choruses link them with other second-wave bands like The Angelic Upstarts, but instead of political anthems and social realism, the Dolls offered zany takes on working-class provincial life with titles like “You Won’t Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry” and “Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead.” Give them a look and a listen; they will increase your will to live.