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Ta Ta Dana

So So So

The April release of ten-inch extended play vinyl Ta Ta Dana features two A-sides, “Ta Ta Dana” and “So So So.” These are deliciously crafted parlor romps featuring a keen sense of assured swing with shambolic passion (think the sweetest nuggets you’d hear on a Wes Anderson soundtrack). Fans of dream-pop factories Papercuts, dark maestros like John Cale, or chanteuse-chasers such as Serge Gainsbourg will happily sip this extraordinary bliss of a sonic Cosmopolitan.

Lead singer/songwriter Brian Noysewatkins is dapper at the Rhodes, Mellotron, Hammond and piano; he’s from Monterey, CA and the musicians met through art school in Seattle, where Lena Simon (bass, singer of So So So, also in Pollens) met Brian on Orientation Day. Jake Brady (drums) and Gregg Belisle-Chi formed Tomten with them soon thereafter. Shared favorite LPs: all things Big Star, Elliott Smith’s XO and Either/Or, Bowie’s Hunky Dory, and Rubber Soul from The Beatles.

This dazzling ten-inch is the first new band release from Flat Field Records, responsible for the SpokAnarchy! original soundtrack. The B-sides on the EP are “Thwarting The Young” (an outright snarler unlike anything on the upcoming LP) and “It Won’t Escape Me.”

Release date: April 10, 2012
Catalog # FFR003

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