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Vampire Lezbos

Re-issue of long out-of-print 1987 self-titled debut by Vampire Lezbos, a scrappy, die-hard band of weirdos and misfits who bucked the redneck tide with zingy riffs, gritty observations on life in a conservative small town, and a blistering two-guitar attack. The Lezbos’ fused fast hardcore with melodic leads and lively hooks with politics and social concerns.

13 original + 10 bonus tracks of what Razorcake calls “fast and angry but with more rock’n’roll vibe” and Ugly Things describes as “…top notch hardcore… “ Named from the Cramps song and born in the summer of Orwell’s 1984, Vampire Lezbos defied all odds by escaping the backwater of Spokane, WA: recording, extensive touring, and playing with the likes of D.O.A., Circle Jerks, Fugazi, Bad Religion, L7, Nirvana, and many more. Vampire Lezbos were also prominently featured in the documentary film SpokAnarchy!

The band went through many changes over the years and are poised for a new incarnation in support of the reissue of their 1987 debut record.

Vampire Lezbos CD cover

Release date: January 15, 2013
Catalog # FFR002CD

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